Charlie and Morgan - September Sun at Gate Street Barn September

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Charlie and Morgan

Recommended Photographer at Gate Street Barn

The resurgence of summer took full effect for the wedding of Charlie and Morgan. Perfect timing too as this wedding had someone quite unique. Something that despite working at Gate Street many times I had never had the luxuy of seeing. But before we get to that I found myself with Charlie near Farnham talking trash about cyclists, men who (don't) cook and garden waterfalls. No one can ever accuse my job of being boring I can assure you. Once suited and ready to go I joined Darren who had been hanging out with Morgan and the guys at the Gate Street farmhouse. I have no update on the topics of conversation although I dare say it had little to do with landscaping. But here is where it all gets unique. The outdoor ceremony. One of the STUPIDEST rules in English Civil Ceremonies is the insistence that the ceremony take place in a 'permanent structure'. That eliminates a true outdoor ceremony. But not if you take matters into your own hands, get married legally the day before and get in your own celebrant. Drop. The. Mic. The sun did shine and the cows came home (literally). What an experience. Plus we even got to sing. The rest of the day went on just as it started. Fun, a wee bit crazy, warm and loving. I've never seen a dance floor so packed. I could barely move. Good times with great people.