Victoria and Chris – The Talbot Inn – Ripley

It’s amazing. To me it should seem like Christmas and New Year were only yesterday.  But in reality it feels like a lifetime ago.  Crazy to think was a few weeks can do to your head!  So, join me on a return to 2014 and the wedding of Victoria and Chris at The Talbot Inn in Ripley, just north of Guildford.

First I have to declare my interest here.  Vicky is a long standing family friend.  I knew her when she was just a crazy teenager Boyzone fan.  Of course, all these years on she’s still crazy, still a Boyzone fan just a bit older than a teenager.  Of course the other interest here is that Evan (remember him) and his sister, Holly were also guests.  Always nice to look out and see those smiling faces!

I’m on a deadline here…so I’m just going to get on with the show.






Shoes in the corner lot



Who is this lovely thing?  Holly!












Not sure Bradders agrees…



Ahhh…handsome he is














I sense a theme!








Anyone else hear “Nessun Dorma”