multicultural wedding at tithe barn

Cindy and Tom – Summer Wedding at Tithe Barn (Part 2 of 2)

You’ve made it to part 2.  This is where it get juicy.  Crazy.

So first dance led to bouquet toss led to garter toss led to Hora Loca.  The hats, sunglasses and masks loosened them all just that bit more.  An array of latin inspired music (provided by my great friend and awesome DJ Ashley Riggs) and British floor fillers added to a truly ‘crazy’ hour.  I love photographing the evening at a wedding.  The images that can be had are truly amazing.  People let their hair down, they’re filled with Dutch courage and they are looking to round off a fantastic day.

But let’s not forget those amazing speeches and Bridal portrait time.  As a couple they are just gorgeous.  Such a dream to photograph.

Hey.  If you missed part 1 don’t despair.  You can find it here!

There it is, in all its beauty….Tithe Barn

Well…their kids have a 50/50 chance I reckon

Love this?  Then get in touch with my great friend Ashley Riggs who can provide this as well as uplighters


Oopps upside your head

Livin’ La Hora Loca