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Wedding Ideas – Rustic Wedding Breakfast

Working as a wedding photographer in Hampshire I get the unique luxury of working at some of the finest wedding barns in all of the Queen’s land.  Of course despite working in gorgeous rustic barns I don’t often get to see some real, almost ‘gritty’ style of rustic wedding favour.  By that I don’t mean […]

Bex and Bruno’s Spring Wedding at Tithe Barn

Bex and Bruno. Team B+B. ‘Blinkin’ Bruno Bamberger. Lots of names. All appropriate. Here’s a first look at the wedding of Bex and Bruno at one of Hampshire’s finest weddings venues, Tithe Barn. My day began sanguine at a little cottage just outside of Petersfield. Down a country lane at the base of the Ashford […]

Wedding Ideas – Wedding Speeches Outside

I’m pretty sure in all of my years photographing weddings I can’t recall a time when speeches we’re on the menu (so to speak). So in that, the vast number of said speeches took place exactly where you would expect. But sometimes, when you least expect it, something changes. In that, the atmosphere changes and […]