Kristin and James' Wiltshire Wedding at Philipps House July

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Kristin and James

Some weddings come along and smack you right between the eyes. They leave a mark…kind of like a Harry Potter kind of mark but without the evil. Something that will be with you for years to come. A wee benchmark both of yourself and your experience. Perhaps it was the new environment or the totally wonderful weather (that being overcast but warm) or the lovely people or the simply amazing couple. I don't know. But the wedding of Kristin and James is one of those weddings. Something you didn't just attend but something you were a part of. It fills your heart and your soul. I nearly cried (yes, soppy but true) during Kristin's Dad's speech. I was transported ahead in time to my own daughters wedding. I can only hope to have half the love they have. Anyway…I don't want to sound too soppy or over the top. Thank you Kristin and James for having Darren and I along. It was a most perfect of days!