Charlie and Eddie - Sheet Church and Southdowns Manor December

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Charlie and Eddie

Wedding Photography in Sheet and Southdowns Manor

Charlie and Eddie. You rarely meet two people who just make you smile before you've said a single world to them. They beam with happiness and pleasantly infect you with it too. I met them at the church a few weeks before. I was hooked. This meant that on the day I knew what to expect from them. But what of their guests and family. I've been at this long enough to enough that the "vibe" for a wedding starts at the top with the Bride and Groom and this works its way down to all the guests. I wasn't wrong. The spirit, love and togetherness of this group was obvious right from the start with a packed pub before the church (sadly I didn't have time to venture in to grab a few frames). Whilst the fog lifted on a pleasant day in Sheet, the mystic atmosphere never left Southdowns Manor. This would be one of only 2 times in my near 500 wedding experience that I've dealt with thick fog. None of this changes the amazing day that unfolded before me. I was proud to be a part of it, proud to be allowed to photograph it and am now proud of the images I've captured. A perfect end to 2016.