Michelle and James - Goodwood Hotel Wedding Photography October

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Michelle and James

The day started with heavy showers and grey clouds. I wouldn't normally mention this but there's an irony to it all. I shall reveal this later. This was my first visit to Goodwood Hotel as a wedding photographer. I guess it was my first visit full stop (despite being a bit of a golfer). It was just wonderful to join to girls where I got to meet up with Sam (from Sam and Dean), a Bride from 2009. Its always great to see couples a few years on. To see how they've evolved and many times added to the family. Some perfect moment between the girls and Michelle's mum and it was now time for ceremony. James, a purveyor of fine orange juice (ahem), may had a bit too much vitamin C the night before. He was perfectly fine but I do think the warm October air and the fact that he was now to be married to the love of his life (and mother of his children) brought on a bit of nervous perspiration. OK, a bit more than a bit. The ceremony room for wedding at Goodwood (at least the one we used) was delightful. Lots of light and open space. Perfect for their youngest to wander out the back with me and long for the garden outside. All was OK with the world, he had Lightening McQueen. What else do you need? We all move en masse to the other side of the hotel. The grey skies gave way to beaming sunshine. So much sunshine that we couldn't actually do the family groups outside. The one location scuppered by blinding, squint and eye shadow inducing light. Free of the formals it was time to just get a feel for the crowd. I knew another pair of guests as well in Belen and Damon. Plus a few of their friends too. It was like being at a reunion. There was also a large contigent from the US as well. I was truly at home. There was so much to look at, so much to see. Beside great people and large smiles I'm left with the memory of dance floor sports. The act of dribbling (footballs or basketballs), tricks and skills, shots and slam dunks, all to music and all with imaginary balls. Odd a first, but after a minute you start to really believe its happening. Thank you to Michelle and James for hiring me. It was lovely to be a part of your day and to see some old (or should I say familiar) faces.