Barnaby and Stephen - Autumn Wedding at Farbridge November

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Barnaby and Stephen

When you reach a stage in your career when you've shot the better part of 400 weddings you start to feel you've seen it all. This isn't a bad thing. It means that you are prepared for just about any situation with enough experience to get the best out of it. I guess in just about every way Barnaby and Stephen's wedding wasn't new. I've covered plenty of same sex nuptials in the past. So why is this one different. The reality is. It wasn't. But legally, it entirely was. This was, in fact, the WEDDING of Barnaby and Stephen. Legislation changes now meant that no longer were same sex couples forced to have a civil partnership but that now they could, if they wished, have a wedding. I'm so pleased to have been there to witness it and what an amazing couple to be my first, true, gay wedding. The love in the ceremony was just so intense. Not just between Barnaby and Steven but between them and their guests. Its was electric. Even Darren mentioned it to me. Truly amazing. Barnaby and Steven asked me to simply focus on the guests and their interaction with the guests. They weren't concerned with the typical couples shots and big group (although we did a few of each), they were most interested in covering the emotion and fun had by them and their guests. Like music to my ears. Add to that grand weather, great guests, a gorgeous venue, inspired and entertaining speeches and a delightful ABBA (well AA at least) tribute singers and I had a night that I will never forget.