Surrey Wedding Photography - James and Rachael July

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Rachael and James

A gorgeous summer wedding in Surrey.

Tis a small world sometimes. Rachael and James are two super down to earth people. Who, in turn, live next to a few other down to earth people. Those people (Adrian and Nancy) happen to friends of mine for over 20 years. So when the neighbourly chat starts about them getting engaged I was lucky to have friends in the right places. That's perhaps more coincidence than small world. But it gets better. As my daughter leaves infant school she tells me of a new teacher starting next September. Yep. That would be Rachael. Her new classroom assistant? The wonderful Elaine who used to run my daughter's playgroup when she was ickle. There's bound to be more. This is the wedding of Rachael and James. Often when I get amazing weddings like this. For years I'll get emails "where was the wedding, what's the name of the venue, didn't I see you on Mastermind" (ok, 1 of those is a lie). Let me stop folks now. It was a private venue. So you can't have your reception there. Sorry. As private venues go. Wow. Phwoah (in a Lord Flashheart kind of way). Scorching summer heat made for a thirsty afternoon and a gorgeous evening. Flowers from James' mum's garden gave everything a personal touch (and the Austin too). Truly, an exceptional day in the Surrey Hills.