Nicole and Toby's Surrey Wedding at The Black Swan August

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Nicole and Toby

They had a little surprise...but more on that later. I arrived in Ripley to find a hive of activity where Nicole was getting ready. A netball teams worth of sisters as well as few other halves, parents and nieces. It was always going to be busy. I love it when its a bit frenetic. People stop thinking about me and get on with their 'thing'. The same was true here. All the talk, however, was about the weather. Would it, wouldn't it? Its Summer in Britain. There was no answer, just patience. The Catholic Church in Effingham is a delightful venue for a wedding. Lots of space out front for the Bride's arrival and for guests to mingle before hand. Clad in what I can only define as 'rocks' it has a very organic feel about it. The emotion was clear. Nicole and Toby's affection for each other, the warmth of the families coming together and small hole left in the absence of Toby's father who had passed away earlier that year. Strangely I felt this too. Once the ceremony was complete it was outside for family groups. I do enjoy doing them at the church. No toilets, no drinks, no distractions. Completed in record time. I do admit that when I hear 'wedding reception at the pub' I do get a little nervous. Can they cope with the numbers, is the space actually shootable, where will the guests go if it rains. I need not have worried. The Black Swan is a TOP QUALITY, amazing pub that I've added to my list of 'must pop in for dinner' myself. The staff were more than a few percentage points happier, more helpful and more keen to please than most. The food was delicious (yes indeed) and the space unique (and full of light too). I'll admit that the speeches got to me again. The happiness, the laughter, the remembering. The surprise is coming. Its all in the first dance. John Legend's "All of Me". A perfect song. But this is where I cracked, I could see it in their eyes, their stare, their connection. They meant it. Every bit of it. I shed a tear. Honest. Then, just as it was coming down my face, the unexpected cut to the super high impact dance version of "All of Me". Perfect timing. I loved this wedding. Thank you Toby and Nicole!