Rowan and Sam - Wedding at Shepperton Studios April

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Rowan and Sam

I've been looking forward to this wedding ages. A few years back I was lucky enough to working with Lisa and Simon at their wedding at Gate Street Barn. I remember the day well. Turning up and being hit from every corner by gorgeous Bridesmaids. All of which were Lisa's sister. It was a case of major deja vu. Change the Bride, keep the sister. Wonderful. Orlando (Rowan's Father) repeated his expert disappearing act upstair opting for a 'quiet life'. Rowan's mum again danced around, pretending to not know what's going on whilst EVERYONE knows she has her finger on everything that's happening. I felt at home. I met up with the guys at Shepperton. A surreal feeling driving onto a movie making estate with rumours that Tom Cruise might just arrive in a helicopter just as he did the day before. A rumour the didn't pan out this day. Drive past the sound stages and production facilities to the back of the property and you'll find the Littleton Park House. The Old House and the Orangery make for a perfect location for a wedding. It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces. Common friends of both couples, family from Italy and of course all those gorgeous sisters. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be with everyone again! (and to meet Sam and his family too). Many thanks to the folks at Geniune Events who not only ran an amazing event but also looked after us too. I'm hoping for one more Barry sister!!!!!