Ramster Hall Wedding - Zoe and Tom's Musical Wedding July

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Zoe and Tom

Surrey Wedding Photography at Ramster Hall

Ramster. It's a might delightful place. Spurred on by its gorgeous architecture and delivered by the wonderful in-house catering provided by Jacaranda, Ramster Hall near Chiddingfold in Surrey is unique historical wedding venue. But more important were the ideas led by Zoe and Tom (or James as I called him in the Facebook business page post...the scourge of a man with two first names) and their totally awesome friends and family. Normally a wedding details call a few weeks before the wedding takes about 20 minutes. At 55 minutes I knew something was different. This was not going to be you usual day. I wasn't wrong. Sure, there was a ceremony, canapés, family groups, a meal, speeches and a cake. But I knew something a lot of folks didn't. That this wedding, despite already being totally awesome, was going to get a F1 style DRS boost when the crew from MKC (aka the Mike King Collective) to which Zoe is a member. Seriously, for once a link to a supplier isn't just Google bait. Go visit the website. Truly amazing. Spending the day with Zoe and Tom was incredible. I hope the photos go a long way to prove that! The musical injection added a flare I can't describe with just words. It was the tingle on the back of your neck, the love between Tom and Zoe and sense that everyone was in a wonderfully perfect place.