Katie and Chris - Horsley Towers Wedding Photography March

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Katie and Chris

Wander north of Guildford but south of the M25 and maybe you'll be lucky enough to come across Horsley Towers. Although I believe today its more commonly known as Horsley Park. Why the towers went by the by is beyond me. I guess, for me, some habits die hard. So Horsley Towers it is. And why not? One its most striking features are the almost Disney like towers that form part of its historic heritage. So cool. To that end so are Katie and Chris. They are resilient. Having previously booked Clandon Park the shock they must have felt in seeing in burning on the national news would have devastated most couples. A treasure (hopefully temporarily) lost. But this didn't deter Katie and Chris. They set to work almost immediately to secure a new venue and what a spectacular choice. This was a day that would roll with ease. A nervous Groom (not for long) and quiet Bride (not for long) were both surrounded by great friends and family that kept them on a perfect keel. These feelings of nervousness and serentity wouldn't last. The moment they saw each other down the aisle their faces beemed and the smiles captured the room. What felt like a bazillion (real number) Bridesmaids (many of which were young, sat transfixed through a moving and tender ceremony. The Easter Bunny took time to join in with a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt for the kids (and quite possible the photographer too). What struck me most was just how happy everyone was to be there. To celebrate this amazing day. By the time the photo booth switched on I found myself not looking forward to leaving. Great night, great day, great people, great couple.