Lisa and Duncan at the Amazing Great Fosters in Egham May

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Lisa and Duncan

Lisa and Duncan came to me as a recommendation of Nicky and Steve. These are always the best kind of jobs as you know the person on the end of the camera implicitly trusts everything you do. They were no exception. Their wedding took place at the amazing Surrey wedding venue, Great Fosters. A venue I had visited once previously but never really got the whole 'Great Fosters' experience. This time changed that. Lisa got ready in the room the size of my entire garden. With two amazing windows whenever anyone got near I was in heaven. But its not just the bridal suite that amazes you, the ground do as well. Sunken gardens, the famous arch bridge and that hallway...goodness me. Of course having all this is just 'stuff' if the folks you photograph aren't someone you believe in. I was lucky to have the pleasure of their company as well as their trust. Duncan is open about his dislike of having his photo taken. Could have fooled me. Lisa is the picture of elegance...just look at the photo in the hallway. The evening céilidh coupled with a balcony view made for some fantastic opportunities, especially in a creative wedding photography sense. Thank you Lisa and Duncan (and Nicky and Steve as well) for allowing me to part of your amazing day.