Deborah and Adam's Slam Dunk Summer Wedding at Gate Stret Barn August

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Deborah and Adam

I know what you're thinking. Slam dunk? I have to be honest about this, I'm not sure there is such a thing as slam dunking in Netball but for the sake of my little wittering on, I'm going to go with yes. Yes, this is the wedding of Deborah (a name I can't say without thinking about Pulp's 'Year 2000') and Adam at the glorious Gate Stret Barn. It had been a little while since I was last there and it was wonderful to see everything in full bloom. Not to mention some big changes in the Pheasantry as well (read as 'new loos') The weather, as it turned out, was spectacular despite the threat of clouds and rain. This was a good thing as the vintage Ice Cream Man was there with his gorgeous trolley filled with delicious flavours to cool us all down. Long before we get to ice cream we need to get through a small thing called a wedding ceremony. Adam, quite, calm and resolved, looked a tad bit nervous and self assured. Deborah arrived, her eyes smiling and before long it was a done deal. But Rob, where does the slam dunk come in. Turns out that Deborah is an ace Netball player. Naturally we had enough to field an entire team (and if you watch the slideshow you'll see them all and their positions). This created a wonderful vibe of what happens at the wedding stays at the wedding. Good times.