Sarah and Steven at Gate Street Barn March

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Sarah and Steven

Welcome to week 2 of my 3 week stint at Gate Street Barn this March. Despite working at Gate Street many times today had another first in it. This day I witnessed my first Bridal prep in the Bride's room at the end of the barn. Its a lovely space but only for a handful of people. So if you have a gaggle (that is plural for bridesmaids btw) then I would think of another alternative. Being close by meant that I was able to use the barn for some detail shots. Flowers, shoes and the dress (despite the dress not appearing in the slideshow as I had to shot it portrait because the room was set up for the ceremony). It also meant that once Steven had arrived I was able to say hello and see into his world a bit. The last big upside was being able to leave it to the last few minutes to come into the barn for the ceremony. No travelling, no cars, no jacket. It was another cold day in the long list of many in March. Its days like this that the Pheasantry gets a workout. Its a warm space and probably one of the best alternatives to outside I've seen in a venue. Sarah and Steven had the most amazing day. I was so pleased to be a part of it.