Lauren and Alex - Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography September

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Lauren and Alex

Lauren and Alex are perfect match. She's funny, drop dead gorgeous and fun to be around. Alex...well, he knows it. Some might say he's rather gorgeous too but who am I to agree or disagree. What I can tell you is he's the nicest guy you could meet and the kind of chap I'd love to spend a day drinking around a big town. The latter bit added after hearing some of the fantastic antics from his Best Man. The venue was the amazing and ever popular Gate Street Barn. Bordering on the Surrey Hills its on of the finest venues in the south (if not the country). Add in some delicious sunshine, with some wonderful guests and you've got a dynamic recipe for a fantastic wedding (and be proxy fantastic wedding photography). Lauren and Alex opted for what is becoming more the done thing. That being speeches first. It does heighten the interest in the speakers. Less wine and more focus. Not sure if that's what the speakers are looking for or not. All things coming together and it was a brilliant day. Thank you for having me along to your amazing wedding day!