MIchelle and Rob - St Martha on the Hill and Gate Street Barn September

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Michelle and Rob

They explained everything perfectly. After Bridal preparations at their house I was to make my way to the north east end of Guildford to a place called St Martha's Hill. There, up a track, I'll find St Martha's on the Hill, a insanely amazing place with a views to the North Downs, Newland's Corner and the Surrey Hills. Sounds amazing (and in my best Clarkson voice)...and it WAS. There's only one problem. When you arrive at a car park for a church with no church, in a place with no mobile reception, where you can't see a church, hear bells or see any guests, your blood pressure starts to rise. "Follow the most obvious track" I told myself. I had been walking for what felt like days. Not because it was especially far but in that moment where you're not confident where you're going all manner of disaster scenarios can go through your head. Persistence (and the fact that if it wasn't up that hill I was particularly doomed) and a few minutes and I reached the crest to find St Martha's as well as boat load (bad descriptive given the location) of guests. No long after Michelle arrived in a 4x4 and we were off. We exited the church to beaming sunshine, the late September sun gracing us with a summer like warmth but with light to die for. Its not often that the first part of a 'drinks' reception takes place in the church yard amongst the gravestones but this is EXACTLY what needed to happen. No drinks but for the intoxicating views of the surrounding area. Pure bliss. After confetti and a hike back down, this time along with all the guests, we made our way to Gate Street Barn. The barn, with the warm afternoon sunshine getting more rich, was a perfect contrast to the St Martha's. I'm running the risk of being too wordy here (I only have so much space). But let me tell you that this was a remarkable wedding on a wonderful day. Rob and Michelle and geniune, fun and vibrant people and the wedding reflected that. It was a honour to be a part of it.