Kirsti and Nick - Gate Street Barn Weddings June

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Kirsti and Nick

Do the eyes deceive? I see his name and I wonder how I pronounce it. There really isn't any creative way I can see to change it so it must be what it 'says on the tin'. Rattey. Not that there's anything wrong just its a bit different. It conjures up images. That's all. More later, read on. After dropping Darren off at the Radisson in Guildford to follow Nick and his wee boy I made my way just outside to see what was going on with girls. Mayhem. In a good way. Actually, controlled mayhem. Lots a 'small' Bridesmaids, sister, mum, friends, the milkman (ok that might be a lie). Despite the high attendance everyone made it out in one collective piece and in a convoy made haste to Gate Street Barn. Surrey's Finest Wedding Venue. A small collection of close friends and family, some (eventually) remarkable weather and a good times. I even manged to work out Kirsti's Mickey Mouse Club doppleganger…can you? So there I am, photographing details on tables. I spy the cake and make my way over to get a few frames. I see someone made a figurine family of Kirsti, Nick and the kids. But what's that in the groom's jacket pocket. I move my camera closer to see. It is, in fact, a rat. Mystery solved.