Charlie and Sam - Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography April

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Sam and Charlie

Top wedding venue Gate Street Barn is today's host for Charlie and Sam's spring wedding in the Surrey Hills. One of the brilliant advantages to getting ready at the barn is the opportunity to take the dress into the main barn and set it amongst the rustic beams. I didn't miss my opportunity. I was particularly looking forward to this wedding after meeting Charlie's parents at the open day back in January. If I said they are a bit 'nuts' they won't take offense. In fact, I suspect Charlie's Dad will wear that with pride. After all they are the family who supported Charlie in the wild motorcycle racing days. I really felt a great bond with them and that carried through straight to the wedding day. Always a smile and a laugh. I quickly learned its a family trait that spread further throughout the entire family through to the extended. Hold on to your hat! Sam is the calming influence to Charlie's rough and tumble. Its a great symmetry. Gate Street was just starting to come into bloom and with the added bonus of a few calves being born (one of which is now call Charlie) it was looking as stunning as ever. It was great to see some of my favourite suppliers as well. Carole and the team at Tandem Catering were as superb as always. Great food, expertly presented. Of course the evening entertainment was top notch too with Chris from Chess Discos. Awesome day!