Emma and Elise's Civil Partnership at Gate Street Barn June

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Emma and Elise

There's something really rather lovely about a Civil Partnership. And the civil partnership of Emma and Elise was no exception. I'm not really sure why it feels any different. Maybe because it was only a few years ago that Civil Partnerships didn't exist and a day like I had with Emma and Elise wouldn't have been possible. Whatever it is, I know I feel something extra special. Today was no exception. The nervous look on Emma's face, the delight in Elise's eyes. It was so extra special. Of course what can you do to an unforgettable wedding to make it even more unforgettable. Perhaps Elise should tell you that one. But in a nutshell she fell ill for a bit, disappeared for a bit, but when she returned we finished the speeches on the front step of Gate Street and it created such a warm start to an amazing evening. Thank you both for letting me be part of your day. I feel truly grateful for the opportunity.