Victoria and Richard - Fall Wedding at Gate Street Barn October

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Victoria and Richard

Planned with meticulous precision and enviable detail, Victoria and Richard (ok, let's be honest, it was more Victoria than Richard), left nothing to chance. Getting married at one of my favourite churches (St Peter and St Paul in Godalming) followed by one of my favourite wedding venues (Gate Street Barn) was sure to lead to great things. As Mel Brooks once said "No one expects the Inquisition" and never was that more true than in the things I got to experience. Things like the cutest baby (neice) that can crawl at excess speeds. Working a copy of "That's not My Duck" into flower shots. A truly remarkable singing performance by Victoria's Bridesmaid and her Husband. A herd of exceedingly photogenic cows. All in a days work I guess. Thanks to you both for a fantastic day.