Julia and Matt - Winter Wedding at Gate Street Barn March

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Julia and Matt

Wedding season (like wabbit season) truly got under way for me with Julia and Matt's wedding in mid March. There's rarely a better place to start than the beautiful and stylish Surrey wedding venue, Gate Street Barn. I'm sure they were just as hopeful as I was that there might be a glint of spring even during the last few weeks of winter. Sadly this never really materialised (and as I write this even in early April, it still hasn't). But to be fair, the lesson I've learned in the hundreds of weddings I've had the joy to be a part of is that unless you've based the whole day as an outside event and theres no possibility of indoor activity then really..you will be just fine. For me weddings are about people and connections and relationships. None of that is dependent on the weather. Julia and Matt's day was no exception. There was so much anticipation as I joined the girls and Julia's parents at Keepers Cottage and that electricity joined up with everyone elses to make for an extraordinary day.