Carla and Jonathan's Wedding at Holy Trinity and Gate Street Barn June

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Carla and Jonathan

We scheduled to meet in Guildford Town Centre to go over the final details and see the church a few weeks before the wedding. I hadn't actually met Carla and Jonathan in person before then. So I had no idea what to expect. When I saw a stylish modelesque woman with what can only be 'tall and exceedingly handsome' figure of a man approach me I was hoping this was them. As it turned out they kept on walking. No. I'm kidding. It was, in fact, Carla and Jonathan. They pulled a few strings and I was then let inside Holy Trinity at the top of Guildford High Street. It's a church I know well. Not the inside but the outside. I spent a few lunches on the bench just outside back when I first arrived here in the UK. It was nice to be on the inside. I knew then that this, combined with the amazing Gate Street Barn, was going to make for a perfect setting. With lovely people to fill them both it was never going to be a dull affair. I wasn't wrong. The day arrived, the weather was gorgeous, the champagne flowed and the guests were full of fun. A fantastic day. For reference some of the images here are from Darren. Basically all of the images of the boys in the morning are his. An excellent addition to any wedding coverage.