Laura and Andrew - Cranleigh Golf Club - Surrey Photography August

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Laura and Andrew

Andrew is mad. That's actually a term of endearment. I know, how can it be? He's got a loveable rogue look with a cheeky smile and he's not afraid to take the mickey out of himself. He's bold and funny and a man of a thousand facial expressions. He opposite number resides in Laura. She's bubbly, full of smiles and giggles. She the Robin to his Batman, milk to his corn flakes. Different yet exactly the perfect combination. Besides, someone has to laugh at him. No bridal prep on this one. I met the boys at the pub and walked with Andrew and the two best men to the church. Laura arrived in a VW Beetle and the Bridesmaids in a VW Camper Van. Great way to pull up to the church. A delightful ceremony followed by some vigourous confetti and we were at Cranleigh Golf Club. A peaceful setting for a lovely afternoon in the warm sun. All in preperation for the most amazing soul band in the evening. It was a fantastic day!