Ellie and Stuart - Spring Wedding at Cain Manor April

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Ellie and Stuart

Ellie is a planner. She has every detail right where it should be. From amazing and quirky stationary (designed by Stuart) to giant letters at the end of the dance floor. I knew when I arrived at Cain Manor it wasn't going to be a standard wedding. How could it? I've been to Cain Manor many times having only just been there back in September. There is always a wonderful vibe around the venue. Darren joined me as well and stuck like glue to the boys following them from the last moments of setting up the little details straight through to getting their suits on and greeting the guests. This gave me the chance to shadow the girls even longer knowing this was all sorted. The atmosphere was calm. Jovial. Reassured. Perfect. Emotions erupted when Ellie made it down the aisle. Her beaming smile equally met by Stuart's. That's a golden moment. Not just for them but for me too. Everyone. You can see it in their eyes. This is special. This is what it's all been about. Let's do this! They had hoped for amazing weather and they got it. The spring sunshine showering down on the garden terrace of Cain Manor. It perfectly suited the mood of the guests. Relaxed and happy. Time flies by and with speeches first it was time to learn that little bit more about all the major characters. More garden time and a beautiful sunset over the Hampshire and Surrey Hills led to crazy dancing all captured faithfully in the slideshow here.