Civil Partnership at Cain Manor - Pete and Phil May

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Pete and Phil

Pete and Phil fall into the category of early bookers. Contacting me around 18 months in advance is a pretty mid term outlook on things. But then if you knew wouldn't really surprise you. Meticulous planning and a keen understanding of the finer details were always going to make this a well run affair. Of course having two people who truly love each other coupled with some of the warmest friends and family I've ever seen at a wedding meant it could have been a campfire and some marshmallows, the result still would have been the same. I had two previous experiences with civil partnerships (or as Pete and Phil like to call it, Big Gay Weddings). Both times of the female persuasion. This would/was/is my first of the male. To be honest, if the two at the centre of it all love each other, themselves and their guests it really doesn't make a whole heck of a difference photographically. I can say that I'm a better photographer for the experience. I walked away with an enormous smile and a warm feeling inside. I hope all 'weddings' are just like this one. If you are interested in either Civil Partnership photographer or other weddings at the wonderful Cain Manor in Surrey please get in touch.