Julia and Jon's Wedding Photography in Ockham and Bury Court Barn August

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Julia and Jon

Nestled up a lane just off the A3 near the village of Ockham is a most lovely church. Left for the church, right for the mansion…I doubt its the vicar that lives there. So was the setting for the first part of Julia and Jon's vintage wedding day. Darren went to the Talbot in Ropley with the boys. A quiet sanctuary interrupted by a deluge of guests for the wedding. I started at Julia's childhood home in Horsley. Despite not being allowed to photograph in the church during the ceremony I was able to get a few things. I wonder if the vicar left the door open on purpose. Here's a rule, don't break it…but if you're clever? Who knows. The guests were taken by a vintage Routemaster from Ockham past Farham to The Barn at Bury Court in Bentley. Now that's a wonderful venue. Perfectly suited to their rustic wedding theme. To add to the intrigue they decided to go with the two long table set up. Only the second time I've seen it and its becoming a favourite for this Bury Court Barn wedding photographer. Julia and Jon braved a short ride in my car to the top of the hill just outside of Bury Court. There, with a setting sun and an interesting sky, we made a little photo magic. A wonderful day with two wonderful people.