Nina and Oliver's Summer Wedding at The Barn at Bury Court July

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Nina and Olvier

Nina and Oliver chose the wonderful and breathtaking Barn at Bury Court for the venue of their Surrey wedding. Nina never flustered. Time was just a passing thing. Kind of nice every now and then to not be worrying about an impending time train wreck. Then again, if you take advantage of the the Barn's Oast House then there is little reason to be late. It's all right there. As for Nina, I think planning is her thing. Oliver’s thing is something more interesting to us men. Football. No, not some boyhood fantasy still trying to find its way out long past it…but real Football. Oliver develops football training for the FA. Yes, the FA. Not the sweet FA but the real one. How cool is that. Together they make a perfect couple with contrast just in the right places.