Sam and Mark's Bury Court Barn Wedding June

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Sam and Mark

He plays with computers and she lies. That's how Mark chose to describe the two of them in his speech. Does that make her a solicitor, a marketer or a tabloid newspaper? Who knows. It got a rather robust response. Laughter from the gallery and a kick in the leg from the chair next to him. Sam and Mark chose the lovely village of Bentley for their wedding. It had two major things going for it. Number one is the amazing and multi faceted Surrey wedding venue, The Barn at Bury Court. Rich in stunning beams and classic architecture it also has an amazing garden. Not your typical straight line kind of Victorian garden but one that oozes life, colour and creativitiy. It also has a wonderful village church, which is directly adjacent (as the crow flies) to the barn. We 'dealt' with the rain for the early part of the day but in the end, the sun prevailed and the evening sky lit up. A wonderful day for two wonderful people.