Maria and Ulisis - Wedding Photography at The Barn at Bury Court August

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Maria and Ulises

Eastern Europe meets Mexico in this truly international affair at The Barn at Bury Court. Ulises and Maria met working for a large international organisation. Maria is first generation British with very strong family ties to Eastern Europe. Ulises is from half a world away in Mexico. I'm already imagining just how amazing kids from these two might be. It was a gorgeous sunny summer day at The Barn at Bury Court. Blue skies and fluffy clouds, a 3 piece Mexican musical ensemble (I so want to say Mariachi band but I can't be sure of the 'proper' definition. All I know is that when I joked beforehand about them playing 'La Bamba' it was strictly forbidden. However I heard, the guests heard it and everyone was happy. Its a bit like saying you can't have Abba at a disco. Sure, no one wants it but when Waterloo comes on you can't help yourself.) This wedding a unique connection in that Maria's sister's daughter and my son both went to the same baby music class. To see her so grown up (her little brother too) was wonderful. Fantastic wedding images from a fantastic day.