Chloe and Raph - Autumn Colour at The Barn at Bury Court October

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Chloe and Raph

All the fun of Halloween without the scary costumes (unless you consider my carefully selected wardobe scary). This is Chloe and Raph. A wholesome couple tying the knot at The Barn at Bury Court on a sensational October day. I'm guessing a few of my 'summer' couples would have given anything for the weather we had on Halloweed day. I joined Chloe and the girls in the Oast House at The Barn. It took me a good 15 minutes to realise that her sisters were twins. I kept going between the Bridal Suite, the granary and the kitchen. And every time I kept finding the same Bridesmaid in the granary, then the kitchen. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually I got there. The evidence lies within. A sweet ceremony followed where their two daughters decided it was their wedding too. Bless them. Given the amount of light we decided to shot the couple photos immediately after the ceremony. What wonderful light too. This meant Chloe and Raph could now relax straight on through to the evening. It was a wonderful day to be a part of. Thank you for allow us to share in it.