Joni and Matt's Bury Court Barn Wedding August

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Joni and Matt

Back to Bury Court. Twice in 6 days. But I don't mind. Its a fantastic venue, close to home and run by true professionals. Today it was the turn of Joni and Matt. She the beauty and he's the…well…madness. The kind of guy who takes a swim in the fountain at Trafalgar Square to the amusement of hundreds of Japanese tourists. These two have grasped life with both hands. Opting to live in Australia in Bondi Beach. Seriously, if you're going to pick a beach it might as well be Bondi surely. For their sins they didn't exactly bring the weather back with them. But the important parts of the day went off without a hitch. The fun and freespirit for any wedding starts at the top. I truly believe that. Joni and Matt proved me right. Cue mad speeches, sambuca shots and crazy dancing. Awesome!