Rebecca and Iain - Winter Wedding at Bury Court Barn November

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Rebecca and Iain

Today I flew solo. So I had to be in two places at one time. I guess that's impossible, but to start out I visited the girls at The Four Seasons in Dogmersfield (great name). Things were so calm at The Four Seasons. Rebecca had is all sorted and things were so smooth. I kept waiting for the wheels to come off (something that happens when I often see things going so smoothly). But in this case they never did. It all went to plan. Which was a good thing as it gave me the change to speed off to the church to catch up with Iain and the guy and the arrival of the guests. St Andrews in Farnham is a delightful town centre church that feels distinctly rural. The modern balcony is a great vantage point for photo of the ceremony. Through the wave of confetti and into the car I then caught up with Rebecca and Iain back at The Barn at Bury Court. Its just the most sensational venue and the couple hired in some wonderful extras to make it feel even better. The projection on the back wall and placement of the cake were just amazing. Some great laughs and wonderful moments followed. The inquisitive cat and floral table centres recycled to make giant cocktail glasses were but a few. Thanks for a wonderful day.