Gemma and Nick at The Barn at Bury Court August

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Gemma and Nick

Following on from the day before I found I was repeating myself. Not in so much as I had lost the plot but that today's Bride was also called Gemma. Makes for an easy weekend knowing its almost impossible to get the Bride's name wrong! Today would be a stomp down familiar territory. The Barn at Bury Court is a regular 'haunt' of mine. Having shot there many many time (and also recommended as well), it feels like coming home after a holiday. Its comfort and joy all wrapped up into one. I arrived to find Gemma in the hotseat, her make up and hair artist looking vaguely familiar. I get that alot and didn't stop to think any further. I had remembered Gemma saying that it was her cousin who was taking over that role. I moved on. Then in walked Alexis. A guest at a number of my weddings as well being responsible for me shooting an 'important' birthday cruise on the Thames a few years back for her husband's family. I was in the company of old friends. I like that. It just feels cozy! I love new friends too and in that I got to know Gemma (owner the amazing UK Wedding Favours ... google it) and friends. Today I also had my ace in the hole second shooter, Duncan Kerridge (photographer extraordinare) filling in for Darren. What a treat! Working at Bury Court also gets you a day working with Jacaranda. These guys are truly amazing. Their food is second to none and their care, attention and support to the couple easily matches it. But this was about Nick and Gemma. A northerners wedding come south. Always a recipe for a big smile and a great day. And the day delivered. Thank you for having us along. It was an honour!