Sammy and Nigel - Summer Wedding at Bury Court Barn July

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Samantha and Nigel

Sammy and Nigel came to me as a referral from Naomi and Gary a few years back. Its by far one of the best ways to take on a new couple. Their trust in you is superb and with that I just love how it 'feels' to work with them on the day. This day was exactly what I expected it to be (in a good way). The broad smile and gentle charm that Sammy has meant I was instantly at home when I arrived at her parents house just on the outside of Bentley village centre. Her mother and I developing a wonderful little relationship very early on. What I didn't expect (and who does) was the intense heat that the July sky brought us. No one expects 28c in Britain and with no AC it was a case of keep hydrated and keep cool. Mind you, I wasn't in 3 layers of suit like the boys. Nigel did 'man' kind both an honour and a curse. He set about reading a letter that he wrote to Sammy early on in their relationship during his speech. He had the women in the room in tears and every one of the other halves going "why didn't I think of that?". Well done Nigel! Thanks to everyone for making us feel so warm and welcome. A true treat indeed!