Emma and Chris - The Barn at Bury Court Wedding Photography September

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Emma and Chris

Hey…Groom…get off the phone! I mean it's only a few minutes to the ceremony and there you are, chatting away. But wait…why have you left your phone on the registrars table. Dude, you're important but surely this is more. Then it all dawns on me. Its Gran. She's in Wales and couldnt be there so she's at the end of the line, listening and cheering on her beloved Grandson. Bless! Not only that, but Gran makes another appearance in the speeches this time to the delight of the entire wedding party. Funny how a laugh down the light can bring so much joy to a group of people. (sounds like a Vodafone advert huh). Emma and Chris chose the amazing Barn at Bury Court for their wedding day. What a great choice. As a recommended photographer at Bury Court Barn I always enjoy the warmth of the barn and the way its layout helps make a great gathering. I've seen some venues go a long way against that so its nice to see the Feng Shui in action. Emma and Chris certainly helped too. With their fun and outgoing personalities coupled with some crazy friends and loving family (ok, some of the family were pretty crazy too) it all came together with ease. Thanks for having us to a wonderful wedding day!