Kate and Richard - Redhill and Burford Bridge Wedding September

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Kate and Richard

I'm always surprised how recommendations come my way. A very long time ago I did some work for an orthodontist group based in the South. A few lifestyle jobs and some corporate headshots. The marketing manager moved on to other things but she still bumped into old colleagues. When Richard and Kate started there search for a wedding photographer the planets aligned and the aforementioned marketing manager bumped into Richard and said "give Rob a call". So it goes. Lucky me. I arrived at Burford Bridge got started working with Kate and the Louboutins. This is always a great start to the day. Kate was keen on minimal coverage so I made my way to the Church where I found Richard and the guys (already faithfully in the hands of Darren). What an impressive church it is as well. Beautifully lit and awe inspiring. Hard to believe a church like this exists in rural Surrey. Following the ceremony a double decker took the majority of the guests on to Burford Bridge and I got a unique experience in travelling up to Box Hill to shoot some couple shots. All the eyes of those on the hill watching your every move. Asking people to move aside briefly is remarkably easy. The "White Dress of Immunity" does the trick. It was quick but effective. Before long we were travelling back down towards Burford Bridge through the twists and turns of the Olympic Road Cycling route. Nice. At the hotel we got a bit of time in the garden being entertained by one of the three (yes three) Best Men's sons who are top quality performers. Meanwhile, inside the room was being turned into a spectacular ice themed (not sure if that was there intention but since they are keen skiers, the tables were named after ski resorts and their 'guestbook' were wooden skis I assume it was) location. Laughter, speeches, dancing and fun. A day to be remembered.