Neil and Mark - Wedding Photography at Brooklands Hotel June

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Neil and Mark

Speed. No, not the Sandra Bullock movie. Real speed. History. Nostalgia. Brooklands. I was so looking forward to this wedding. Having met Neil and Mark last year I could see they had some pretty special ideas for the wedding day. Deciding to host it at The Brooklands Hotel was the first hint. Modern architecture yet entwined with historic interest. The reference to the Solomon Straight etched into the floor is a clear sign of its motorsport past. But there was also a family connection. Mark's Grandfather worked at the site on the classic planes that also made Brooklands famous. This enabled us to get a unique look inside the museum and to be allowed to take photographs on the classic concrete banking that is synonomous with Brooklands. But this was a day made special for more than just speed. It was mostly about love. About family. About respect. It was day that I can geniunely say I was proud to be a part of. Thank you to Neil and Mark for allowing me to be a part of it. Vrooom!