Anna and Martin - Somerset Wedding at Brympton House July

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Anna and Martin

It all started so well. The summer school holidays entered their first week and it was time to hit the A303 and head west. Not the best combination. When the SatNav came back reporting at 55min delay at Stonehenge it was time to change tack. It was all built into the plan and arriving at Brympton House, Darren and I even had a few spare minutes to toss around my trust American Football I keep in the car. Then I got the meet Anna. Holy moly. The biggest smile on the most beautiful woman. It was going to be a great day. Mind you, Darren's time with the boys was pretty much the same. Martin surely fell off the 'to be delivered to uber handsome sports star address' bus. Imagine their kids. The church was something to behold. Often times I arrive to find the darkest of spaces where only the mere application of black and white will hide the horrible lighting. Nope, of course not. This was Anna and Martin and the church was bathed in warm natural light. Warm being the key word (let's call that foreshadowing). Back at Brympton the gardens were awash with guests enjoying champagne, cool drinks and fun games whilst mostly seeking shade from the intense sunshine. We all beg for it but the minute it arrives we turn to finding a way out of it. As I reached the top of the stairs and used a window in the wedding breakfast room I was struck by the temperature change. At least 5 degrees (c). I took my shots and moved on. Once everyone was seated and the meal began I made my way downstairs for lots of water and a cool breeze. It was only then, on my return upstairs, that I discovered that the previously mentioned 5 degrees had easily risen to 10. It surely had to be 35 in that room. Tropical. But did it affect spirits? Only if you can blame the heat for great times, great people, wonderful, heart warming speeches and geniune laughter. Otherwise, not a chance. The evening carried on with a rocking band and some fantastic dancing, lunges compulsory. Good times. It all started so well...AND ENDED EVEN BETTER!