Helen and Andrew - Wedding at The Meet June

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Helen and Andrew

It's not entirely out of the ordinary for me to arrive at a wedding and find myself amongst friends. Knowing that there are other couples in the room who have had amazing weddings that I've shared in the past is a tremendous feeling. I get rather smug if I'm honest. Riding this high I knew when I arrived that there would be at least one other couple there I had worked with. Given the location (a bit out of the area for me) I was assured I would be the only one with this accolade. Turns out I was wrong. Instead, I was pipped to the post by a rather magnificent vintage car owned by Helen's father. This car was there for the Steve and Claire's wedding. As it happens it was also there for at least one of the Bridesmaid's weddings as well. A car steals the show. And what a show. I do love a good 'change'. Something to make me all gooey inside. Today I would be privilge to an outdoor ceremony. Sure, it was all under the roof of a permanent structure (dumbest law ever) but this was wide open. Perhaps with the unexpected breeze a little two open. It all added to the mystique. The weather carried us through a beautiful afternoon which turned into a glorious evening.