Claire and Matt - Wedding Photography at the Bay Tree Inn, Burford August

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Claire and Matt

"Hi, Rob, its Claire and Matt. We want to book you but we won't be back in the country for 6 months. Is that ok?" Not your average enquiry but when someone comes to you via a recommendation I always try to do what I can to make it work. Those are often some of the best weddings. This was no exception. What they didn't realise at the time what that they would also be 12 weeks in to having a new addition to the family. I thihk they may have moved too, just to keeps things really spiced up. So here it is. The wedding of Claire and Matt at the gorgeous Bay Tree Inn in Burford, in that wee neck of the woods they call The Cotswolds. Its an idyllic village/town with a charm that only the Cotswolds can muster. This was a wedding all about travelling. The theme running through the day including the table decorations and even one of those rustic "miles to X" homemade road signs you see in the movies or MASH. I'll always remember it for the 35 group photos (certainly NOT the norm) they arranged and also for being proved wrong that it would take upwards of an hour because these folks had it seriously sorted out. I salute you! Thanks to Matt and Claire for a fantastic day. Bright skies and bright smiles and guests who loved to be there. Love it!