Sonia and Benjamin - Wedding at Kelmarsh Hall August

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Sonia and Benjamin

Walking in the door I'm struggling to find a Bride. There are women EVERYWHERE! The music is blaring from Heart or Kiss or Capital coming straight out of the tele. This, I soon learned, would be no ordinary 'bride getting ready'. It didn't take long to find Sonia. She would be the one with 'Bride' emblazoned on her robe. Everyone had one. From Mum to Step Mum to Bridesmaid. I felt perhaps the next step was one for me. I wanted to fit in. I would soon learn that this crew were in it for the duration. I departed the madness and arrived at Kelmarsh Hall. An idlylic Downton-esque kind of place with classical elements and a seriously long view across the fields towards a blue cloud filled sky. There I found Benjamin. He is two dopplegangers in one. Bono without the glasses and Robin Williams. The irony of the later coming only weeks before the tragic news. Decked out in top hats and tails it didn't take long to work out the Groom's party. All we needed now was Sonia. They say you often meet your partner at school/uni or work. They didn't disappoint. In fact, it was Benjamin who hired Sonia as a dance teacher for the school he runs. Go figure. My afternoon of enlightenment wouldn't end there. Determined to rock it like a nightclub the band set up on the rear steps and played a cracking 1 hour set. Full daylight, clouds threatening and EVERYONE dancing on the lawn. Absolutely brilliant! Almost as brilliant as when the head Bridesmaid deviated from traditional and gave a speech. A speech that ended with all of the Bridesmaids rapping. Too cool. Cue in some crazy dancing and a great laughs and this was a spectacular wedding with a long night of madness ahead of it.