Eleanor and Tim - Dulwich and Skinners Hall, London Wedding September

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Eleanor and Tim

Wow. What a day. I always a little nervous about London weddings. Not that I'm fearful of London, quite the contrary. But the transport, the getting from A to B, the commotion of it all; it can be a bit much in the score of trying to deliver amazing wedding images. Travel to Dulwich was simple and I had time to spare. First hurdle taken with great ease. Wandering around Eleanors parents house with free access is a wonderful feeling. But something was odd. No, not the house or the people or the rooms. It was the fact that people were randomly singing and dancing repeated to the same tune. It was then I realised today was also a 'Marryoke' day. Will I ever get Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" out of my head. Probably not, but then neither will they. My London wedding nightmare almost came to fruition in traveling the first 1.1 mile from her parents house to the Church. How, in the space a single set of poorly managed red lights did the bridal car beat me to the church. Luckily Darren was already there. Another fantastic service in Christ Chapel in Dulwich (it an amazing church) and the vast array of guests spilled out on to the quad and ultimately to the buses. I raced in my car to attempt the impossible. Parking in central London. I'm pleased to say I won. Right around the corner. Result AND free. With all my fears gone I could get on with recording a fantastic reception and evening at the amazing Skinners Hall. With calm skies the terrace was a wonderful outside space that made you feel urban but not simply in the middle of London. It was cozy and a perfect fit. The meal was in the most amazing room. I still remember the shock I got when I opened the door to see it for the first time. Tim and Eleanor, family and friends, filled this space with three long (and I mean long) tables themed in memories of Granada where they first worked together. Thank you for having us along and all I can say is .. London 0 - Rob 1.