Simon and Alex at Eltham Palace, London June

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Simon and Alex

Some days leave you like a deer in the headlights. I guess it depends on how you interpret that but if you are in any doubt interpret it as stunned, dazed and exceedingly pleased. I've now shot 4 civil partnerships and each one has something totally unique. I figured there was no way Alex was not going to get prize for unique and I wasn't wrong. Every creative idea perfectly executed. From the grand entrance, the colour in the Bridesmaids (yes, Bridesmaid…9 of them), the professional music, stage lighting, video messages. Seriously, everything was thought out, planned and detailed to ensure that it all came together with amazing precision. Wedding photographers dream of days like this. I certainly have wonderful memories. Darren was not available for this wedding, so some of the images that you see in here are courtesy of Yorkshire and Sheffield Wedding Photographer, James Stewart.