Jennie and James' Spring Wedding in Hayes and The Warren May

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Jennie and James

I love a good recommendation. The really 'good' ones come from someone you don't know through a route you never expected (and ultimately the couple can't recall either). That's karma right there. I'll take all the good karma I can get. I arrived with Jennie and the girls during nap time for Max (Jennie and James' son). I was keen to meet this little guy after seeing how so much around me was influenced by him. He didn't disappoint. Super cute (just like Jennie's sister's baby) and ultimately he gave me one of my favoruite images from the wedding and arguably one of my favoruite images of all Bridal preps (see if you can guess what it is). The church was the scene for Act 2 which now had some new players. James' mum authored her own poem as a reading. Super touch! I was also introduced to so many Groomsman I could field a team in the Euros. The reception took us back to The Warren (also known as the Metropolitan Police Sport Club) which is a unique venue that I've had the pleasure of working at before. The grounds are perfect for Bridal photos with loads of open space, architecture and floral accents. I often feel lucky when I get one great speech at a wedding. Two is greedy. But three. Well. That train can stop any time. Dad was poignant and dignified. The Best Man was edgy, hilarious and highly suggestive (that's a winner for me). As for James. Well, he took the Groom of the Year award. I had been privvy to a projector as they were keen to have a photo from the ceremony of the couple. Modern WiFi enabled cameras make this a reality so I delightfully obliged. It seemed an odd last minute request that even the Bride didn't know about. And for good reason. The projector with an image was a Trojan Horse to a video that would be played during James' speech. A video of Jennie's Gran, not well enough to travel, but keen to deliver a message to the couple. Major brownie points. You can see her reaction as well as James and his mate realising they played a blinder! Magic!