Spring Wedding in a Marquee with Saara and Rob in Tring May

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Saara and Rob

Most marquee weddings are borne out of the desire to have a large group of people but no sensible space to put them. This can often be at the back of a stately home or even in the family garden. Sometimes your expectations are blown out of the water when the marquee is placed at the top of a hill in the rolling Hertfordshire countryside overlooking a beautiful market town below. This was the definition of an English wedding. All we needed was Edward and that American bird who didn't notice it was raining. (no I'm not going to type the first 30 words in the script to Four Weddings) Saara and Rob are a perfect fit. His obsession with planes and her desire to cut little ones out in outrageous quantities. Joking aside she plays the straight one and he the comedy genius. He's a Doctor yet she's the one who works on real people. Oh the contradiction. Rob and Saara came as a recommendation from Helen and Ben...their upstairs neighbour. That's always nice. I'm rambling. I hope you enjoy Saara and Rob's marquee and church wedding in the wonderful Tring, Hertfordshire.