Sara and Scott - Autumn Leaves at St Michael's Manor October

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Sara and Scott

Some people are happy. Some people smile. Sometimes you see it a little. Sometimes more. If you want 100% full on, full court press, non stop, happy/smiles/laughter. Hang out with Sara. I arrived at St Michael's Manor in St Albans and already things were different. Sara and Scott were together downstairs in the ceremony room discussing the plan with the family and friends as well as their own personal 'officiant' for the day. This was no legal ceremony. That was to take place on Tuesday. This was however, THE ceremony. A unique interpretation of tailor made and designed by them. The pouring of the sand for each vow will forever stay with me as I (in my many 100s of weddings of experience) have never seen it. I digress. Back in the Bridal Suite (aptly named Holly) it was chaos and laughter. There were Rainbow mascots in the wedding dress, one off cocktails and even an eye patch for captaining the good ship BissWatt (trust me). I laughed, I smiled, I felt amazing and so comfortable. The ceremony was, as I've already mentioned, entirely unique. So loving, full of thought and emotion. Incredible. After the ceremony things carried on as they set out. Laughter and fun, a total sense of togetherness. The autumn leaves were in full flow at St Michael's Manor and I tried to take advantage of this as best as I could. The there's the speeches. Like loads of speeches. But never too much. Just the right way. One before, a few after and three more before the first dance. All super and touching. If Carlsburg made weddings! Amazing.