Amy and Stuart - Summer Wedding at Tithe Barn June

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Amy and Stuart

Summertime. And the livin' is easy. Temper that with a British Summer. Its easy if you have an umbrella and unflappable denial of believing just about anything you see on the weather forecast. This was the first of three weddings I had that weekend. It was the one with the best forecast and when I say best I really mean just shy of needing an Ark. My thinking is always the same. Roll with it. No, not a Steve Winwood song (that dates me and puts me in a cultural context all at the same time). That's exactly what I do. I can't change it so I just get on with whatever comes my way. Well…the light was fantastic. The overcast skies leading to some of th best looking images you can get. Then you have Amy and Stuart. My goodness me. I learned very quickly that Amy was a bit nervous. Necking Pepto Bismol from the bottle was a sure sign. A teary moment. To be honest you kind of expect it from the Bride a bit. If the measure is the size of the swig of Pepto then I reckon Stuart was beer bonging the pink stuff from one of those two bottle plastic hats with the dual hose. Bless him. Photography gold. What a great day. Thank you both for having me and Darren along. We were both so pleased to be part of it.