Cindy and Tom - Catherington and Tithe Barn Wedding Photography June

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Cindy and Tom

Living La Hora Loca! I take license with Ricky Martin's infamous song but I have good reason which I will reveal later on. I arrived at Tom's Grandmother's to find Cindy and all her Bridesmaids and family already in the throes of getting ready. Cindy hails from Venezuela but her accent would give you absolutely no hint of this having spend some of her formative years in the US. I tried to impress her father with my very basic Spanish. I think he appreciated it even if on the inside he was rolling his eyes. Saying that, his English is probably better than mine anyway. Once ready we made our way to the church in Catherington. This would be a unique ceremony led by an Anglican Vicar but also with a Catholic Priest in attendance as well. Nice. Even better was the laptop set up in the corner, Cindy's sister viewing from the other side! After the ceremony the wedding party made its way back to Tithe Barn. There I found the gorgeous decoration helped in part the awesome Michelle from Someflower. Projected onto the back wall were Cindy and Tom's names provided by the spectacular DJ Ashley Riggs. The real excitement for me was the last hour of the day. A South American (possibly Venezuelan) tradition, the final hour was dedicated to Hora Loca. Masks, hats, crazy music the lot. Cindy promised me something to remember. She wasn't wrong. Thanks for having me and allowing me to share in your amazing day!